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Burnsville-Savage Lions Bed Linen Bonanza

When a community comes together, great things happen! The Burnsville Savage Lions Club partnered with World Effort Foundation where bed linens were retrieved from hotel liquidators. Over many days and numerous 3-hour shifts, the work was completed. Because of the volume involved, the Lions Club reached out through social media for additional volunteers. The outpouring of community support was amazing, from Boy Scouts to young adults and concerned community members of all ages. Volunteers sorted bed linens by size and quality and repackaged them so WEF would not only provide a much-needed bed, couch and other furnishings to needy families but now also can provide sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters and towels that previously were left behind with the liquidators. We want to thank all of our volunteers who came together to make this project such a success!!!!

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