Thank you to All who contributed to the Success of our 2017 Mid-Winter Convention. That was Fun! Congratulations to all of the award recipients – your service shows.

I am now officially your District Governor Elect and will take office on July 1, 2018 at the LCI Convention in Las Vegas. I hope you are making plans to attend that celebration.  One of my responsibilities is to fill the 2018-2019 District 5M-6 Cabinet with Lions who will accept the challenge of helping to lead this district into the second century of service.  Though some positions are filled others are in need of a Lion to listen to the call of — “Where there’s a need there’s a Lion.” There are many ways to serve, being involved with leadership at any level will help all Lions succeed. Please contact me – I would like to hear your ideas.

As I attended our Mid-Winter and a couple others in our multiple so far this year, one thing that strikes me is the passion of Lions.  We have many areas which we serve, so speaking with Lions who care so passionately about their favorite service –  just lights up their face. When you listen to them tell of what has been done it’s the pride of being a Lion that comes tumbling out.  They know that we are a valued partner in service to their community and beyond and they understand that with the support of many people much more gets done.  Find your passion and share it with other Lions, and with those who haven’t yet been asked to join us in service.

Where there’s a need there’s a Lion.

Lion Eileen – District Governor Elect

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