It Is Time - By District Governor Curt Stockford

It is time ….

There are lots of advantages to being part of a family: the security of common interest; support during times of need; folks with whom we can share both joy and sorrow; to name just a few. As Lions we understand this. We also know that families only survive by sharing essential responsibilities, most of which are not glamorous or fun: cleaning, cooking, paying bills, laundry, trash removal. You get the picture. The point is simply that all groups, all families, share responsibilities essential for their operation. Our Lions family is no different.

We mostly understand the necessities of keeping our clubs running: scheduling meetings and activities, collecting dues, evaluating requests and community needs, and the like. Can you imagine the tasks required to maintain a family of 1.4 + million members? On a far smaller scale your District also depends upon the shared responsibility of its members. Acting on your behalf, we fulfill our responsibilities to our Multiple District and Lions Clubs International by passing along funds collected for dues, our Foundation (LCIF) and charities that you have chosen. We report on our collective activities. We offer training opportunities, both from within 5M-6 as well as the larger Lions universe. We keep you up to date on the news within our clubs, district and beyond. Our purpose in all these activities is to support you and the service you provide to your communities. When your district is fully staffed and operating well, your club directly benefits.

So …..

Question #1: Who is responsible for filling our district offices and doing the work of the district? The elected officers (DG & VDG’s)? The Cabinet? Someone else? “They”? Nope! I’m afraid it’s you!

Question #2: Will these responsibilities be distributed equally across all members? Nope! Just as in families, some always bear a greater burden.

Question #3: Why should you “step up” and offer your time and talents to district operations? Quite simply, because it’s the right thing to do, and you know it is! Any contribution that furthers our collective mission is a good thing.

Your participation in the family of Lions beyond your club is essential to both our immediate and long-term success. Our mission is too important for you to sit on the sidelines and hope that “someone else” will step forward.

5M-6 has a number of tasks and vacancies that need your attention. Go to our website, www.lions5m-, and look at the Directory and the ‘Celebrate Service Booklet’ to view some of the needs. For questions or a confidential discussion of how you might help, contact Lion Curt @ 651-269-4043, DGE Lion Eileen @ 651-208 -1460, or 1st VDGE Lion Tracy Braaten at

Many thanks for your help and understanding. It is time!

~ Lion Curt

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