I imagine that you, like me, are wondering where in the devil the First Quarter of our Lions Year has gone. Or, maybe you haven’t yet had time to ponder that fact.  You have wrapped up your traditional summer projects. You are recuperating from working ticket sales, greeting, or parking at the State Fair. Your club has resumed a full meeting and program schedule.  You’re in the midst of your fall club projects and planning for the Holiday ones to come. Meanwhile, we’ve asked you to make time for the Region Meetings of September and October.

Now, we ask you to “up the ante” on your Service Projects (and report them through MyLCI) by adding at least one new one to your club’s portfolio. Plus, we’re pushing for you to engage local childcare facilities to provide vision screening through our KidSight Program. And, don’t forget those Centennial Legacy Projects! Holy Smokes, Batman! Are you kidding me???

Believe me when I say that ‘I feel your pain’. This “volunteer” business can be a little overwhelming at times. I understand, but I also offer this reminder from Luke 12:48,

“For unto whom much is given, of him shall be much required:
and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

We do ask a lot of ourselves as Lions. At times it may even seem like too much. But, imagine if you will, how it must feel to be homeless and jobless in Florida or Houston or Puerto Rico or Mexico, or homeless and hungry, right here in the Twin Cities. Imagine the hopelessness of a parent anywhere in the world who cannot provide the most basic needs for their child. Imagine watching your child die from a preventable disease like measles, for want of a $1.25 vaccination. The needs are vast, and we know we cannot meet them all. But, we also know that we can do more.

And, so, I ask that you reflect for a moment on the blessings in your own life and perhaps even on your life’s purpose. Let this reflection fuel your commitment to do more than you thought possible with your time and energy. Let Lions be a platform to pursue your life’s purpose, and may you bask in the deep personal satisfaction that comes from serving others. Thank you for being a vital part of our Lions family and for your contributions to a better world!

Lion Curt

5M6 ~ Leading the way into
our second century of service.

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