Reminders of the changing seasons are ever present where I live. My neighbors are the University of MN Agricultural campus and the State Fair. Flocks of Canadian geese pass over daily, moving from field to field as they enjoy the bounty of the University’s crop leavings.  The State Fair offers a reason for folks of almost every interest to gather for a while and share an amazing collection of animals, equipment, foods, crafts, and entertainment. Both remind us that we are about to enter a new season, Fall.  Kids will be returning to school. The coloring, then falling leaves will be accompanied by crisp temperatures that inspire us to outdoor activities. This is an invigorating time of year.

Let’s capture some of that Fall energy in our Lions Family activities!  Join with another club in a new Service Project in your communities, or undertake one all by yourselves. Wear your Lions emblem with pride wherever you go.  Display it especially when you’re providing Service.  It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Bring your ideas, challenges and accomplishments to your Region Meetings in September and October.  Share these with your fellow Lions.  Gather ideas and strength from that association. That’s also who we are and what we do.

Be thankful for what we have.  Be welcoming of the challenges for Service that face us. Be uncompromising in your efforts to accomplish great things in your communities.

Remember.  We are Lions.
Together we can do anything.
It’s the Power of We!

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